This question not really relate to program, but I need you guys help

Do you guys have any advice on how to memorize / learn stuff faster? I am training for a new job, need to memorize a lot of content policy in order to work. I want to keep this job and keep learning on coding. And hope one day I will become a frontend developer. First, Because I am a slow learner and “short memory(I mean easy to forget).” I am trying really hard to memorize, but I need a better way of study. Therefore, I need to you guys to give me some tips on how to memorize / study a lot of policy. Thank you so much!

HI Rong,

i may find that this is not helpful but it is the best way for learning to code and memorize.
Pracitce practice and then…practice.
It is useless to read books, looking videos, look how other people do it. You must type everything by yourself.
There are things you need to write so many times and after a while you don’t need to look at Google or copy paste from other resources.

And if you are stuck you can ever look for little lapse of memory, this is normal.

For non coding topics you can use different techniques to memorize things. Index cards Mnemonics and much more. You may find a lot of tipps with google. And there are some Online courses out there which show you how to handle your memorize problem.
For example this at coursera.

And maybe if you have problem with learning, you don’t use the beste way to learn.
There are different learning types (visual, aural, verbal, kinesthetic learners…) and maybe you must find your specific learning type


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Hi there,

You can do some research about Mnemonics or Mnemonic Systems (Known as the art of memory). The basic idea is to know how to make meaningful associations of new information with old or known information.

This is usually easier for people who already know or master at least one programming language. For example:
In Javascript: for(var i=0; i<=10; i++), in C/C++ for(int a=0; i<=10; i++)
In Javascript: var a=Number(someArg) | 0; in C/C++ int a=someArg;
As you can see, the associations happen really fast and there is little to learn most of the times.

For complete beginners associations are usually more difficult. I think one should start understanding pseudo-code first. Take this example (pseudo-code language):
if I have at least one or more apples in my basket, then write on board the amount
Which is easy translated to any language once you know its basic grammar. To Javascript:
if(basket.length>=1) { console.log(basket.length); }

Another example. This time let’s use some Node.js:
Add the guy who handles 'http' stuff use the 'http' stuff to create a server, and listen to port 8080 if somebody opens my server, then -- start a conversation with them -- say "Hello dear alien" -- close the conversation

which translated to Node.js:
var http = require("http");
var myServer = http.createServer(); myServer.listen(8080, process.env.IP); myServer.on('request', function(request, response) { response.write('Hello dear alien'); response.end(); });

The point here is, if you cannot tell in normal words what you are doing, you cannot translate it to code.

Anyway, I use Mnemonic techniques to memorise stuff quickly. A memory palace, to state one of them.

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This article helped me a lot

Wow, thank you so much.

Well, it depends on what type of learning practice you prefer and what would actually work for you. When I want to learn something then I make sure that I am not multitasking and do the learning writing the stuff on the paper.