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This post is deleted. Thank you all

Looks like your page is broken.

Thanks for notifying me. It is fixed

Oh yeah, I definitely think you are good to apply… actually over-qualified lol.

Good luck :tada:

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Your website looks really neat and clean.May be the contact me section’s ui can be improved .btw out of the blue how old are you ? in the picture you look like 7 or 10.:sweat_smile:

It looks very good. Congrats if you did all those projects on your own.

A few suggestions to improve your website:

  • the red dot doesn’t line up with Samrat Mart
  • You have links in your technology tags but they don’t link to anything when I click on them. If you just want to show what I’m hovering over, don’t use links, change something else, colour, shadow, animation, whatever
  • When I scroll down in your portfolio and then click on Skills & Offer, I would expect to be shown the top of the page, not somewhere in the middle
  • On Skills & Offer, again you have red text that behave like links but don’t go anywhere. Really annoying for the user
  • In Contact Me, you have at least one link that works (GitHub) but I can’t see where the link is taking me when I hover on it. That’s bad manners.
  • My CV doesn’t work. If not implemented yet, remove it from the live version
  • social media links: show me the links. Why would you remove them?
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Good points by @sfiquet
I’d like to add, that you shouldn’t use divs for buttons (but if you do, add role="button").

Also I’d suggest you to change colors a bit (if you want the person visiting your portfolio to check your projects):


Really nice suggestion. I will do it just now

It’s very nice! I like the color scheme and design. I have a few suggestions which you can take or leave.

My 5 thoughts:
-On your Skills and Portfolio pages there’s some red text with a pointer cursor which makes me think it’s a link, but it doesn’t actually go anywhere. I would disable the pointer, or add a link. Same for the technology boxes on the portfolio.

-On the Portfolio and Contact Me pages, your use clickable divs or text that take you to other pages instead of links. This means the user can’t see the URL on the bottom of the page; they don’t know where they’re going until they click the link which is kindof scary. I would replace these with links.

-On your Portfolio and Skills pages, make sure each point is Capitalized or lower-case. It doesn’t matter which; just make them all the same. Same for periods, make sure every point has a period or none of them do. Also make sure there’s a space after every comma. (My mom is a grammar teacher…)

-Is your Heroku profile full of decent projects? You could add a link to this, or CodePen.

-Might be personal preference, but I wouldn’t include a Facebook link. Usually people use Facebook for socializing, not professional. Also I’d only include Twitter if you are posting about Web or Technology, but not if it’s a personal account.

They are right, you look super-young. Congratulations on being so prepared; much better than I was at 17!

Another suggestion regarding code - learn about ESLint and implement it in your projects (looking at your code it seems like Prettier is already in use).

Also you don’t need getDerivedStateFromProps, use componentDidUpdate.

This video is already classic:


Also Do you think I should change my profile pic ( or better remove it) since other have mention it is making me look young?

You do look young in the picture (also it looks like you’re dressed in a school uniform).

Leave the picture (it gives some personality), but replace it.

I know nothing about your situation so maybe what I’m going to say is not relevant, but for a 17 year old my advice would be to get more education. Do some freelance web development in your spare time and get a computer science degree.

Obviously it’s if you can afford it, you meet the entrance requirements and you don’t mind doing academics for a few more years.

But it opens doors to the best jobs and the best salaries, and it will give you a background that will still be relevant in 30 years time when the computing landscape has changed beyond recognition. Just do your research and pick a university/degree with a good reputation.

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It looks similar to portfolio of Jack Tomaszewski…

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Yes indeed , now it makes me wonder whether OP’s projects were done from scratch or perhaps re-painted versions of someone else’s work.

I would suggest that before you apply to jobs, you create your own portfolio instead of lifting code and text from another developer.

You skills and offer page is mostly lifted directly from another dev. So are the designs and photos.

Many of these link to other peoples repos…If the OP were a contributor it should be clear.

If he done everything by himself. I guess old people are in trouble.

“all their back-end and front-end parts were completely done by me.” :laughing:

OP wasted my time until I saw your post. An absolute gem. Thank you.

As for OP, forking is fine, thieving is not. Learn the difference.