Thomas Alva Edison

I have finished my tribute page and would like to get some feedback.

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Good job! I like it.

One thing you can improve is get rid of <ul> style of bullet point.

You can accomplish this by below code.

list-style: none;

Please use ul tags right. UL- unordered list which contains list items li tag. It can cotain text but if it contains only text it means this is not the unordered list then use p . Read W3C HTML ul tag for more information.
And another mistake is li whithin p tag without ul wrap.

Big left padding on small viewports.

Better choise is use another container for your content to make it with responsive width and center it. And if you will use the relative units the page will become much and much better.

Same suggestion for your #inspiration-words

And this CSS is not good. Please be more careful.

And I’ve written more about the relative unit to your Costumer survey project.

Stay tuned and have a nice code @zakiya27 :wink: