Thoughts on My Sprites

Hello one and all!

I’ve been coding for about a month or so at the urging of my boyfriend. I love it as the lessons on here are easy to understand and those I don’t understand I can get help on with no more than a quick jump over to chat or simply rumaging through the posts on here. I’m an artist before a coder on any good day. Sometimes I find it to be the hardest thing to get good opinions about the art that I am creating. So I am reaching out to the game creators and just any one that enjoys graphics.

How is the art appearing on your screen? Good, bad, or fuzzy? What do you think of the peices? Tell me anything you feel will be constructive in furthering my passion.

You can find my art here! -->

Thank you for your time!

~Crystale Reid

Your art appears fine on my mobile screen. What do you use to create your assets?

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I use Autodesk’s Sketchbook for android devices. :slight_smile: Thank you very much for the feed back!