Thoughts on this design?

Disclaimer, I suck at designing so I thought I would see what others thought. I’m updating my portfolio with more recent projects.

If anyone wants to provide input, and has the time I would greatly appreciate it.

I liked it when I started and now that i’ve tweaked a few things (added the big cards with the gradient bg that sit below smaller project cards, not sure it really looks good).

Thought appreciated.


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well… it’s pretty grey. And your project thumbnails are also mostly white. And then the background is white. Your text is black… I guess what I’m saying is add some color? But, I have the aesthetic sense of a Tibetan Buddhist monastery on Vesak, and maybe that’s not your thing.

If you’re having a difficult time choosing colors, I would recommend the adobe color wheel. Just select a color rule and mess around until you see colors that look nice. Try just selecting “complimentary” as the color wheel and picking two from there.

Otherwise, the layout itself is fine. The landscape outside the cards looks a little stark, but maybe that’s because the general color scheme is so grey. Best of luck


Personally, I would not ‘nest’ drop shadowing as I feel it adds too much noise to your design. Also, I would refrain from giving the rows a background because I don’t see what information that conveys that couldn’t be made clear in a less obtrusive fashion. Using a gradient for a backdrop seems problematic to me because it draws too much attention to something that is utterly unimportant. Otherwise it looks good, I think. Not that I know what I’m talking about, but that’s my 2c. :slight_smile: