Thoughts on transitioning from Front-End to C#?


I know the community is centered around front end (this question is more backend related) but I wanted to know what your thoughts were on transitioning from a React Developer to a C# Web programmer (.NET).

I’ve started dabbling into C# and I’ll be honest even coming from a TypeScript background, it’s hard - real hard; Object Oriented Programming is very different from functional programming.

One other thing I struggle with is the documentation on C# - maybe it’s because I’m new but coming from MDN’s JavaScript documentation - I find Microsoft puts too much information with convoluted examples. MDN has short and sweet examples that I find easy to understand.

I am finding that even with some experience, React jobs are very competitive which I guess shouldn’t be a surprise since there are so many courses/videos/bootcamps that teach it. I feel that learning something like C# would help give an edge since it’s not something everyone’s trying to jump into but still widely used in corporate environments.

While I do know there’s still a lot I need to learn on the front end NextJS(SSR , SSG), Redux, and Testing. I do find some diminishing returns here as I continue to learn front end and do wonder if it’s better I put more effort into a backend language like C# or Java (I know Java is more popular but I think C# has a bright future).

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