Thoughts on Tribute Page? Color Issue on Mobile

Hey guys,
I’ve completed my tribute page and was hoping I could get a little feedback/advice. Specifically, whats going on with the color when viewed on mobile? Everything looks as intended on desktop Chrome and IE but on mobile Safari and Chrome the background and the image file lose all color. Oddly enough though, the link text at the bottom still appears blue.

“This link” is not accessible. Please read:

I’m not sure if the shrinking text is a good idea. Otherwise, it looks good.

Thanks for the input on link accessibility. I used the viewport width on the text because it didn’t look good in mobile browsers when i used a fixed size like 30px. I plan to use a lot of Bootstrap in my next project so I’m sure I’ll find better solutions for that. Those two things aside, any idea what would make the color not show up in mobile browsers?