Tic Tac Toe completed

I have made this TIC TAC TOE game and I have worked very hard on it. I have met all of the user stories. I would really appreciate some feedback in any way shape or form. Also if anyone has any idea on how to implement the MINIMAX algorithm that would be very helpful.

My project: https://codepen.io/ahenry890/full/zdjrmO/

Suggestions for improvement:

  1. Use the minimax algorithm or create your own logic so that the game always ends in a tie or win for the computer.

  2. Don’t use alert boxes. Those are for debugging purposes and do not fit in with the overall visual design of your site (which is very nice). Come up with another creative way of displaying a win or loss using the general feel of your design.

  3. Put a small delay between when the player makes a move and the computer makes it’s move.

  4. There needs to be away to choose X or O after finishing a game without having to reload the page.