Tic Tac Toe Game Needs Your Feedback

Hi freecoders

So I built this tic-tac-toe game as a variation of the challenge from frontendmentor.io.

I will like to hear your feedback :blush:

Check it out: TIC-TAC-TOE

Code repo: GitHub - niranad/tic-tac-toe-game


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It looks good @JohnO. Some things to revisit;

  • For a user that uses only the keyboard;
    On the tic-tac-toe board only the ‘new game’ buttons are selectable.
    On the game board, there is no keyboard accessibility.

  • When trying to select “x” or “o” it defaults to “x” (that’s okay)
    Everything in the whitespace is clickable and if clicked, it switches to “o” but it’s not clear that is the users choice.
    When trying to select what is not selected to make it the choice the user can only click on the letter to select it.
    The text says “pick player 1’s mark” but since “x” always goes first selecting the mark does not make it player 1 if “o” is selected.

  • on the game board
    A black board on a black background is not very clear. Perhaps the board can be a few shades lighter.

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