Tic-tac-toe help

Hey Guys,

Just finished 90% of the tic-tac-toe challenge, forgive me for the AI is not that intelligent. Please go through the game and help me critique how I could add more functionalities like “Player being able to select X or O” to the app.

Thank you for your reponses

You say you are 90% finished, but I am not sure which 90% you believe you have completed. I notice one thing that you for sure fix now is have the computer automatically put the next mark (O) on the board after I (player 1) plays each X. Right now, I have to click anywhere on the board for the computer to put an O on the board. Even if your computer player does not have all the logic worked out to try to win or at least tie, it should react in some way in response to a move I play.

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