Tic Tac Toe Review Pls

4 Days ;

500+ lines of JS;

Unbeatable on Clever Mode;

Tic Tac Toe Game developed by me.

  • Game has 3 modes of play 1st is sloppy computer 2nd clever computer and 3rd is for two human players.
  • In human players case both need to enter their names.
  • Player is asked to choose his pill when playing with computer.
  • Random player is given choice to select the pill when two human player are in the contest.
  • Random player is given the chance to make first move.
  • In case of both players are human the person who is given the choice to select his pill is not given the first move.

The game in clever mod is unbeatable but sometimes I managed to win against clever computer.

pls leave your comments. Thanks

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Hi Nadeem,

Nice execution with the logic.

However, I have only suggestion to improve the color contracts/UI of the game.

The dark red and dark blue colors on grey dashboard makes it harder for players to see their important elements (“O” and “X”) on screen. They end up spending their time more (even if it’s few seconds) on focusing on identifying their ‘X’ or ‘O’ rather than focusing on the strategical part of the game.

To simplify the experience, you can use vibrant but bright colors on dark background.

Pro tip: When in doubt which color combination to use for your design, you can refer to any online color contrast tools such as Adobe Color Wheel which will suggest you popular and successful color combos.

Some tool for your reference:

Adobe Color Wheel
Google’s Color Palette Tool

I am attaching your and mine (revised) color combo for your reference.

Hope this helps!


Thanks @moinshaikh I really like your suggestion about design and colors and I’ll make corrections in my next sitting. It definitely is helpful to me.


Hi, @JuanTamad ,
thanks for you review .Yes I also noticed these flaws in it but could not trace the bugs. I’ll try to bust these bugs .

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@JuanTamad I’ve updated the game now its truly unbeatable also attacking against sloppy players. @moinshaikh I’ve made the background darker but I need to keep the pills red and blue like in matrix. Juan Tamed pls give it another spin I tried several times its unbeatable now iThink.


Juan Tamed I’v tried to fix weird color issue but I already observed that rarely.
Plus I’ve made changes against your last win. Can you pls play it now. and tell if the color issue is solved or not and is it still beatable. I hope you still got some secret move :slight_smile:

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Nicely done, looks way much better. Keep up the good work :+1:

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This game is very interesting and interesting, thank you for all your contributions


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