TicketStud Landing Page. Would love feedback

Hey folks,

I made up a random “product” called TicketStud for concert lovers, lol. Would love feedback & critique on everything, from the design of the page to the responsiveness. I’m hoping it’ll get close to being a portfolio piece.

Thanks a bunch!

Edit: Made some changes based on much appreciated feedback.

It is incredibly nice.

On your “Maximize Your Musical Experience” the items are kind of messed up on smaller screens. I suggest putting the image on top of the text on smaller screens.

Put some padding around your text. Some of it is at the very edge of the screen and harder to read on smaller screens.

How will the “Choose Your Experience” work on mobile? Since you can only click it will be a little bit more difficult and an inconvenience to navigate.

Very nice though.


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Nice one.

I think the images here are doing half the work. They work really well with the text and colors you’ve chosen. Especially in the “Maximize Your Musical Experience” section.

I’d change the gallery a little bit and make images larger on smaller screens. Something like this: You can decide whether you also want to add some padding in there.

Thanks for your feedback! I’ll take a look at the list items. By images, do you mean putting the icons on top of the actual words? Also, I don’t know how I missed the fact that they’re right at the edge, I’ll fix that.

For the Choose Your Experience section, I tested it on my phone and touching the item seems to work the same as a hover, but probably not as intuitive. Any suggestions? Thanks again.

Good point! They’ll look nicer like that on a smaller screen. Thanks for the feedback, I’ll implement it.

[centered image]
[centered text]

[centered image]
[centered text]

Probably test for the users device. Mobile, desktop?

Then activate the hover command permanently if they are on mobile

Thanks again. I decided to make a few changes, one being I got rid of the thumbnails for the plans section. I decided I just didn’t like the way it fit. Made a table instead that I think works a little better. I wanted to thank you again for your feed back.

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