TicTacToe project, please let me know what you think

Just completed the TicTacToe project after refactoring the thing about three times. First time using canvas for a project! This one was fun, but about drove me crazy. No frameworks were used, this was pure vanilla js.

Nice work on the AI! It seems that the AI favours moves that block you from getting 3 in a row?

A manual reset button might be a nice addition.

Also, I loved the Simon’s cat gifs!

Thank you! Simon’s Cat is awesome :smiley:

it resets if you choose a different setting. I could add a reset button, thank goodness the way I refactored it makes that an extremely easy add on :smiley:

That’s the dream! Good job on commenting your code, I tend to slack a bit on commenting :slight_smile:

I look forward to seeing your future projects!

I had to start commenting that one out of self defense! LOL
it actually got large enough to start losing track of where I was, Coding on codepen has it’s uses but it’s also very annoying :wink:

reset button added, it only resets the board not the settings, and I think that’s enough extra credit for one day.

I try, not always successfully, to make the code as self commenting as possible, mostly for my own sanity.