Tim Ferriss Tribute Page, feedback much appreciated

Greetings fellow campers :slight_smile:

Finally finished my Tribute Page. I decided to go well over the requirements and use a lot of CSS. Seems my strategy worked as I learned a ton while working on the project.

I like the way the design turned out, but people always become blind to their own mistakes, so if you spot anything at all that is slightly off or jarring, don’t hesitate to point it out.

Any comments on how to make my code easier to read or whether or not I solved something in a very difficult way would be helpful. I’ve learned some Sass, but had trouble using it on Codepen so I just wrote in CSS.

One thing I had trouble with was how to align images vertically. I found a number of solutions, but couldn’t make any of them work. :disappointed_relieved:


Nice, the picture can be close to the bottom, try to improve the size image to have some coherence.
For the visual it’s important.
Nice job!

Thanks for taking a look at my project, but I’m a bit confused by what exactly you mean. Which picture are you referring to? The one in the header, or the three pictures in ‘selection of articles’? And how do you mean “can be close to the bottom”?

I wanted to use larger images for the ‘selection of articles’ section but was constrained because I took the pictures from Tim’s blog.

Tim Ferris picture can be touch the white bottom line and adjust the text.

it look so good!!!
definitely jealous!

just my personal opinion, maybe the 2,3,4 picture can have the same size as the box beside it or it can be positioned vertically center to the white box beside it, just my own preference of course. i like symmetric stuffs :smile:

great job btw :smiley:

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Thank you for the kind words. :smile: I agree on the pictures. I tried to figure out how to center them vertically but couldn’t. Flexbox might work based on a video I just watched.

Definitely jealous. This is the best I’ve seen so far.

One issue: Accessibility. The gray text on black might be hard for some people to read.

Other than that, looks fantastic.

Thanks twhite 96. A friend pointed out the same thing. He also said that every beginner he’s seen has used black in their first website. I thought it might be because when you only have to play with black and white it makes the page a lot simpler.

I’ve been trying to use more color on my portfolio website and finding it a struggle. Using images with similar colors I can do, but styling text with colors- not.