Time and duration

so if start doing these things may i knew how many days its gone take to complete the full stack of web development like if i spend the tym of some 8 hrs a day bcz in just some 1.30hrs i have completed html topics of 40 tests

To complete everything, you are probably looking at between 3 and 6 months at a minimum.

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hello Mr. Dawson little bit of confusion is that i have started the HTML and its divided into the modules like from 1-69 but the thing is i just cant remember the things im doing and it like the way instructions wat was been said for me i was just following it
so, like if i start from 1 and after completion of 4thtasks and when i start dng 5th then i am unable to remember the 1st of bcz of focusing on the 5th
hope u may understand wat i trying to say

Learning something new takes time and sometimes you may have to repeat sections to make sure you have a firm grasp on the concepts.

so u mean to like until unless i remember the concepts and the changes wat i need to be done till that i need to have hands on exp (practice it) on that is that so