Time Calculator : i am getting confused about the rules

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I have some questions about this challenge after reading the task I found it quite confusing

Do not import any Python libraries. Assume that the start times are valid times.
Does datetime count under it since it is a module and not a library?

What is it that must be inputted? input from a user? or is it a converter that converts a time since it tells us to use return and not print? must the outcome be printed? what excatly is the function of this code.

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import datetime

start =  12 AM, 12 PM 
duration = hours, minutes
week_day = mon, di 
n = is the number of days later
def add_time(start, duration, week_day):

new_time = duration + start + week_day
#if the result will be the next day
if result == next_day:
 print(new_time + next_day)
#if the result is more then 1 day later
elif result > next_day:
 print(new_time + (n days later))

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Challenge: Time Calculator

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I have the same question. Can we import datetime or do we have to do this without importing anything?

do not import, the point of this project is working with the numbers, doing some maths

it is doable, just need to plan the calculations well

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Gotcha. Thanks for the clarification!