Time calculator mod 12 error?

Hi everyone, I am having a problem with the time calculator. I am almost done with the code with the exception of one test that I cannot pass:
when the input 1:59 PM", “24:05”, is entered, my code outputs “0:04 AM”. Which to the best of my knowledge is the correct result. So why does python want to 12:04 AM to be displayed? Wouldn’t you use the 12:04 time to mark something that happens in the afternoon as opposed to in the morning? Many thanks!

in a 12 hour clock you have 12am for midnight and 12pm for midday, like in an analogue clock with hands that point to the numbers - there is not a 0, so 0:04 is not something you can read from this clock

in a 24h clock (sometimes called also military time)
you have 00:00 for midnight and 12:00 for midday