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I’m just not sure what to do. Could somebody give more instruction on what we’re supposed to do for this program? So I give a start time with am or pm and then a “duration” time. So I’m making something of a timer?

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Challenge: Time Calculator

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Take a closer look at the README.md and test_module.py files in the starting code on repl.it. There are explained specific requirements and included some examples of the expected usage.

I read them. I’m still not sure.

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Not quite a timer, necessarily. It’s more of a calculator. You’ll be given two arguments: a timestamp (like “3:00 PM”) and a duration (like “2:32”). Your code should tell me what time it is after the duration has passed, starting from the timestamp.

So, as an example: If I have a timestamp of "3:00 PM" and a duration of "1:00", your code should tell me it would be "4:00 PM".

Ohhh gotcha. That’s easy enough. Thanks!!