Time for another update! 3 months in! Front-End Dev

Good Morning Campers

Just over a month ago I made a post about how I felt in my first job, the struggles and problems I was facing. I thought now has been the best time to give you a update and thank everyone for supportive posts and words.

Well it is much better now, imposter syndrome has vanished and I have come into a world of my own. I work with developers with 5+ years experience but this last month has been amazing. I have truly grown into the role.

Made employee of the month this month and have leaded up a Euro wide email campaign. By lead I mean take the design and build lead. Feels so good. I have learned SO much in 3 months. But what I take away from it is I can do anything thrown at me now. Might take me longer, but I have had constant feedback from line managers saying the quality of my code and how little compatibility problems or quality and control issues.

I really have gone to the new training guy, to the guy who can fix things, build things and get the quick work using Campaign Monitor/DotMailer and if there is any JS that needs doing. They tend to hit me up first.

Our Senior Developer is constantly throwing problems my way now instead of the other devs and he gives me the nod of approval all the time when a problem gets tackled. Wether its tags with spaces not pulling through CSV data. Or things not looking right on certain email clients or browsers.

I have even been getting slow and steady access to bigger projects, custom CMS and php things. We have taken on react projects, and that’s been my task as of late, learning basics, inputting when I can. It’s been really great! They have cut my probation short, already giving me full time. And gave me a 8k payrise for the pleasure.

This is a message to all that struggle. Dig Deep, take a breathe, learn some css (no frameworks, folks) At least till you have a good understanding of box model and positioning without the efforts of bootstrap. And you will get there. When the feeling of new and un-experience fades, it gets replaced with, I know that problem. I can do that. Throw that my way and I’ll take a look/build/test.

It is honestly the best feeling in the world. Working where I do, feeling the way I do. Knowing what I know and the time it’s taken to do it. From scratch to fully fledged valued member of a small dev team. All thanks to this site and the people on it!

Thank you so much the community of FreeCodeCamp and thank you so much Quincy. I will re-pay but contributing back to you and the community at some point. After I smash out this react.


Glad it’s going well! I myself am in the process of interviewing. I have had 3, unfortunately was passed up all, but was the runner up for two. Have to pick myself up and dust off the hurt but continuing to push forward.

Congrats on all your success!

Nice man! :smiley: Meanwhile I’m trying to make a SURVEY FORM LOL. And I can’t lel.

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