Time management tools?

I like many campers have a busy life with personal projects, contributing to freeCodeCamp forums and open source projects, and real-life obligations and was wondering what time management tools you guys recommend to help split up time so I can get a lot done every day.

I use Trello with pomelo to keep me focused on coding projects.

I like Flat Tomato (iOS pomodoro app) to keep me focused on non-coding tasks (usually grading papers).

And aside from that I have a large weekly planner for organising my work day, and a whiteboard at home to track jobs that need doing around the house.

Boils down to Pomodoro technique and lists :slight_smile:

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I was more looking into planning tools. Staying focused isn’t a huge issue but jumping around with multiple projects of mine can often lead to stuff not getting finished.

If you have a really busy life and like to make a detailed plan of what you’re going to do, you may think that a digital planner is better for your situation. Some people also feel that they’re more likely to remember appointments on their own if they write the events on their calendar by hand instead of typing them. There’s just a mind-body connection with handwriting that doesn’t exist in the same way with typing.

For example, I downloaded my calendar from onplanners.