Time to say good bye! I give up

I have to finally say it out loud - good bye programming - I give up! I have enjoyed it and hated it at times, I have tried to learn for many years. I have struggled but passed Java Certified Programmer exams and became official Oracle programmer, still I could not ever set up environment properly for everything to work… and I am a perfectionist so could not go further until everything was OK. Then I started looking at job prospects and they seemed boring in Java world. But there was Android, then iOS, then JavaScript, then Unity 3D, then 10+ other languages, environments etc. etc. I have given up many many evenings trying to learn this one language until it finally clicked. But always something distracted me in the end - too much going on at work, at home. Now we have son and even less time. I am now nearly 37 and my cousin asked me - please help correcting few issues in my newly created Wordpress portal. I tried, I tried hard and failed to even properly clone the portal to my mac so that I can play on the copy. I had one more conversation with my wife and she said what she said many times before - she doesn’t want to say anything, it is my decision, but she can’t see me getting anywhere with this. I resisted for long time. She has supported me through hard times earlier. But time has come - it is too much pressure and I just have to admit I don’t think it will really ever happen for me. Thanks all and good luck, hopefully you will not get into the same whirlpool of new language / tech distractions like it happened to me. I will get back to my boring Tech Support job and hope something interesting will fall into my head one day. All the best.

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Hey, life is much more than a career, especially now when you have little kid. So whether you change your mind and continue with coding or do some other job, I wish you all the best… :wink:

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Hey there,

I am sorry for all the trouble you went through and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors but there’s no reason to feel bad about whatsoever, you tried and it didn’t workout for you that’s what life is about.

They say life is like a roller coaster it has it’s ups and downs, it has it’s ups and downs but it’s your choice to scream or enjoy the ride.

Be grateful for you all the things you have and move on.