Timeline with Arduino data

Hey, I have been working on this for a few days. I made a timeline to display dates. Those dates are sent by an Arduino (e.g.: when a sensor is triggered) and send to a Node server (with MongoDB). With this site I get those dates from the server and display them.

This is also my first project with Node and MongoDB. Anybody else using an Arduino (in combination with websites)?

Here is the link: https://bengitter.github.io/Timeline. Any feedback / tips will be greatly appreciated!

BTW: If it isn’t clear the dots represent hours and the smaller ones the minutes. Also this data is fake, but I am going to implement it as door detection.

That’s pretty cool!

I have an old Arduino in a box in the spare room but have never used it for more than making an LED go on or off! How are you getting it to communicate with the web? Are you using a wifi add-on?

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Hey, thanks! Yes I have a cheap wifi module.

Ahhhhh! This is such a great idea! I played around with a door-knock unlocker using Arduino in school (program in a code knock to unlock a deadbolt). Even got it working, just wasn’tt handy enough to mount it to my door.

Anyway, I love the idea of integrating Arduino into a web app. Going to have to buy a new one now.

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