Timeout while sign in in china

I can’t sign in from Monday, it is always “ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT” with/without VPN and I clear the computer cache time after time.
Also, I am in Shenzhen, China.

Hello there,

Where do you see the ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT message? Does it say anything else?

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After clicking the SIGN IN button, then appears:
" 無法連上這個網站
auth.freecodecamp.org 的回應時間過長。"
It means “Unable to connect to this website, auth.freecodecamp.org Response time is too long”

Thank you for sharing that.

@raisedadead Do you have insight into this?

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Chances are Auth0 implements the embargo on certain geographies as per their mandates. Will have to check and confirm.

Reference: Auth0 SSO Issue - Mainland China & HK - Auth0 Community

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The simplest test you can do (since you can access this forum) is to check if you can do so using “with your freeCodeCamp account” option.

If that is broken then this is an Auth0 issue and we will have to check if we can support it.

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Thanks everybody.
It is ok today , 2024/3/14.
I will try it if happens again.


Canot SIGN IN again, also I try to click the “with freeCodeCamp.org account” on the forum webpage.

I am so discouraged, and I just became a SUPPORTER last Friday.

Thanks for letting us know. We checked and there is nothing specific to China that should block you from accessing the resources behind authentication.

We understand your frustration, but there is not much we can do since this seems to be something with your network.

Consider trying on an alternative network setup like a different WiFi or other sources.

Good luck!

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Thanks @raisedadead ,

I will try different methods while the sign-in process with trouble.

Coding every day!

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By the way, it seems work well while alternating the WiFI.