Timestamp API After an FCC Hiatus!

I put Free Code Camp on hold during the first phase of my bootcamp because, well, it’s really hard to work 70+ hours per week and have time for anything else. But, winter break has arrived, which means that I have much more time now to do other things! (Like, get back into FCC!)

I didn’t find this project too challenging given how much time we spent doing backend work in my bootcamp, but this was the first time I’ve deployed to Heroku, so that’s exciting!

I think I found and fixed most of the bugs (ex. November 31 does in fact now return an invalid date), but definitely let me know if you come across any. :slight_smile:

Live Link
GitHub Repo

Your code looks really clean. And so does the landing page.

BTW: I wish my localhost could connect to aliens…

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Thank you! The first is a huge compliment in my opinion and definitely something I’ve been actively working on. :slight_smile:

Haha. Might as well make life as fun as you can, right? :slight_smile:

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