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I have completed the first challenge in Back End course and all the tests pass when I submit my local URL but progress bar doesn’t update to 20% and my projects isn’t marked as completed.
Sidenote: I didn’t complete the Mongoose section as I learned most of this course’s material from MDN website and learned about Express and Mongoose from there. Maybe not completing all the assignments has something to do with it?

Here’s the function I wrote in order to complete this challenge

    res.json({'unix':new Date().getTime(),
            'utc':new Date().toUTCString()})
  let d=req.params.date;
  if (!isNaN(Number(d))){
            'utc':new Date(+d).toUTCString()})
  else if (isNaN(new Date(d))){
    res.json({error:"invalid date"})
  else {
    res.json({'unix':new Date(d).getTime(),
              'utc':new Date(d).toUTCString()})
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solution: http://localhost:52978

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**Challenge:**  Timestamp Microservice

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