TimeStamp Microservice Project is broken

First, we have an incosistent description that will prevent every test to pass. Following the Glitch template, it states that The API endpoint is GET [project_url]/api/timestamp/: date_string ? , but the tests fails for this endpoint, however, it works for the endpoint [project_url]/api/timestamp/: date ?, anyone following the official description would fail on and on at the tests (like I’ve been having for hours).

Second, the empty date tests (the last two tests) never succeed, even if meeting the tests demands. I’ve checked this manually using the browser with my Glitch project URL https://lean-shroud.glitch.me/api/timestamp/ which is to query the API with an empty date and it correctly returns the current datetime in Unix and UTC format.

I’ve checked the tests source:
getUserInput => $.get(getUserInput(''url'') + ''/api/timestamp'').then(data => { var now = Date.now(); assert.approximately(data.unix, now, 20000) ;}, xhr => { throw new Error(xhr.responseText); })
getUserInput => $.get(getUserInput(''url'') + ''/api/timestamp'').then(data => { var now = Date.now(); var serverTime = (new Date(data.utc)).getTime(); assert.approximately(serverTime, now, 20000) ;}, xhr => { throw new Error(xhr.responseText); })
to make sure I’m returning the expected object with the “unix” and “utc” props and that they also contain the correct value, and they do, however, this line seems to fail assert.approximately... .

  • Browser Name: Google Chrome
  • Browser Version: 72.0.3626.81 (Official build) (64 bits)
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Pro

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