Timestamp microservice project. Need some hints to start

Hi everybody! i’m approaching to make this project, i had one main question: in your example there are two main link that lead to what i think are two pages, but both equal one each other in the contents, i think these two pages are different only for their URL, but i only guess it. Anyway, the page included in the URLs how must be build? i know this question is too much generic, but in my modus operandi i’d make a front-end page with js, and then adding all the stuffs like the button save(to open the pc brower to save the JSON) the button copy and so on. I think to adding a save button like that i need to work on the back-end side of my project, and so for the other buttons. I ask you how much what i told you until now would be correct and what is not. Thank you for your help

That will be an html file in your views folder. You can send it with something like res.sendFile(__dirname + '/views/index.html');. I think that’s part of the boilerplate.

yes, i imagined that, for the save and copy buttons i’ll ve to do some extra work. If i need some extra-help i’ll write directly here. thank you

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