Timestamp microservice with test cases

Hi! I have completed the timestamp microservices project. I have written couple test cases. when I ran the test script I got 2 cases passed but I got an assertion error later. Can you please tell me why I got that error? And how can I improve my test cases?

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I’m not sure but I’m guessing the issue is with this line.
Keep in mind that Date.now() is in milliseconds so even a slight delay would cause this to fail. I would suggest checking that it is close instead of equal.

:+1: I have tried using chai-datetime but couldn’t implement it properly.

console.log() both res.body.unix and unixDate in the test to see exactly what they are because they may not be the same types even (one may be a number and one a Date(), for instance. If they are both Date() objects and just different in the milliseconds, your choices are to use chai-datetime or to subtract the values in milliseconds and assert() that they are less than some small value.

My advice is to save yourself the headache and get chai-datetime doing the work for you, but beware that it wants Date() objects as inputs and will error out otherwise.

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