Tiny side project

I preparation for my lightning talk at the Melbourne FCC Meetup tonight, I put together my slides using reveal.js.

I hosted it on my Github pages powered site and though it would be neat to use the Github api to build a dynamic front page listing the available slide decks straight from the repo.

You can see the project here: http://jacksonbates.me/slides

It’s pretty hacky, since all the grunt-work is all callbacky and sitting in the foot of the index.html page, but it does the job.

The JS pulls the most recent commit sha for my slides and uses that to get all the files in the repo in the gh-pages branch. Then it parses them for any ending in .html and spits out the result.

It’s pretty straightforward, but it’s a nice little personal front-end api project in the spirit of the intermediate front end projects :slight_smile:

GitHub has an astonishingly comprehensive API :slight_smile: