Tips for a resume

Hey guys. You know I have been interested in getting a career in web development for a while, which is why I joined last year. It wasn’t until recently that I finally tried to come up with a resume. So I want this discussion to be about getting your first job and the dos and don’ts for your first resume.
I think mine is a victim of space not used properly. I wanted to make it a one page resume and decided to list my projects with links, but that takes too much space. This is because I read your resume should be its own and have everything one needs, so including the projects without links and the portfolio wouldn’t do that. Having no experience in the field makes me not want to include my last positions.
Lastly, I have am pursuing a general business bachelor, which probably doesn’t help either. so to clear things up, I need some tips on how to look as well as be a good candidate for a job.

I am learning react but still don’t have my own projects to show so everything I have is from the front-end challenges.