Tips for Beginner

Hi everyone,

I am relatively new to FreeCodeCamp and am seeking general tips and advice from those of you who have been doing this much longer than me. In short, what tips do you have for a beginner? What do you wish you would’ve known when starting to code? Are there any other resources that I should be taking advantage of?

Any advice is appreciated

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Hello and welcome to the community,
After all this time on the path self-learning, I think I learnt a few things I would like to share:

  • Do not no matter what compare yourself or your progress with others, this will just discourage you from continuing
  • Learn from your mistakes and adopt a growth mindset: this means that you must see every mistake you make while learning to code as an opportunity to grow and develop skills in the long run and not as a sign of incompetence or incapability
  • Set up clear goals rather than vague general ones: A goal that goes something like I want to learn to code because I want to make a lot of money and improve my overall life is just vague and you will not get anywhere in the long run, it is good as an initial intention but to find the willingness to continue, set up clear goals and have a roadmap of each and every step you have to accomplish to get to that final goal
  • Focus on one thing at I time: Do not try to learn everything all at once because that will never work, and you will just exhaust yourself and end up giving up

As for resources, they are everywhere on the internet, FreeCodeCamp itself is an outstanding resource, if you are a complete beginner, just stick with it for the time being