Tips for better design

Hi everybody! I just discovered this great place to learn coding. I’m just beginner in coding so I designed a web page. This is
a travel guide for Ireland, it is on Croatian(For now). So can you send some tips how to improve my design and code.
If you open this page in safari… the push and pull method for large screens are not working but for phones everything working fine here is the link:

Thank you all :wink:


I am sure there are better people for design tips than me, however i would like to suggest to use CDN’s to deliver bootstrap etc. Not sure how you are hosting the site, but each page took +30s to load (that would put me off much more than the design)… i am part of the people that if a page takes longer than 5s to load usually i close the tab.

Also, each page is a single html component… that only loads when all of the html is downloaded (until then… the user will have to wait):

Also… if you want to “grow” that page you will be in trouble if you deliver the html “one-shoot”.

Good luck!

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OK! That’s relay good advice… thank you very much :wink:

Do you visit any websites that you like the design of? My suggestion is to dig into their code and see what makes the design and layout tick. Then later on, you can take pieces of designs you have seen, mix it with yours, and make a version 2. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I was thing about that little trick. Thank you :wink: