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Hi guys! So i work for a company now as a development support, for a quality verification team, my final goal is to reach the level of a software engineer in the future, is there a way i can transition over the years from doing what i am doing now to software engineer? I hope that makes lol

From what I’ve heard, the ability to transition from one role to another within a company depends on the company. I’ve worked for a couple places where people have transitioned between QE and dev, but I’ve also heard stories of companies that make it extremely difficult. I think it’s worth talking to your manager and the dev team that you support. If you don’t feel like crosstraining is going to be available at your job, then use your free time to learn software development and apply to external jobs when you feel ready.

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There are many different ways to transition. You could ask to pick up development tasks at your current company. You could also work on learning software engineering on the side and start applying to software engineering roles.

Dont overthink it, start learning and applying to places.


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