Tips on portfolio


I’ve noticed a lot of people putting high quality photos in their portfolio as a background, and this might seem like a dumb question but are these photos typically taken from a stock photo website or are they taken in person?

Also, what kind of photos do you think are proper for a professional portfolio: nature, tech related, etc.?

I’m just kind of stumped on this part of the process, because admittedly photography is not my strong suit :X so any recommendations on stock photo sites to use or tips on how to take a good picture or anything like that is greatly appreciated!


Photos are usually from a photo website, but people use their own photos too. I know this doesn’t really answer your question, but the type of photo is completely up to you. Nature or Tech photos could both work great - it depends on your personality :slight_smile:

Here’s a great list of stock resources, sorted by license.

One of my favorite image sites is Unsplash:

A good image hosting site is Post Image:

This is also a great collection of portfolios to give you some inspiration: