Tips on portfolio

I’ve noticed a lot of people putting high quality photos in their portfolio as a background, and this might seem like a dumb question but are these photos typically taken from a stock photo website or are they taken in person?

Also, what kind of photos do you think are proper for a professional portfolio: nature, tech related, etc.?

I’m just kind of stumped on this part of the process, because admittedly photography is not my strong suit :X so any recommendations on stock photo sites to use or tips on how to take a good picture or anything like that is greatly appreciated!

They’re more than likely stock. I use Kabloom, Pexels and Unsplash.

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unplash is a very popular website to get high quality photos for free. As for what kind of photos you should use in your personal portfolio, I’d say something that describes you, if you like nature go for a landscape view, etc.