Title and Image are both centered, but don't line up https://codepen.io/lunawillov01/pen/EMLQzE

I’m working on my first tribute page and I’m trying to line up the image and the title, but for some reason, it’s not working… what am I doing wrong?

put the link in the title cause I just made this account…

You need to give width to your image:

img {
  width: 100%;

Also there is no such thing as position: center;

really? cause my title didn’t center until I did that… that’s so weird… (apparently that is the case cause I got rid of it on the title and it’s still centered)
Also I read that an image can’t be centered at 100%

Nothing could be centered at 100%, it’s already taking all the space.

annnnnd I realized my problem… I was doing all of that for the div… added the code to the image and now it works. Feel like a derp lol