Title Case a Sentence - Advanced Regex Solution Question

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While the code works, I’d like to understand why the regex in parentheses (^|\s) works. The ^ should include the first character and the \s includes white space. Why does the \s select the character following white space and the ^ selects the first character, not the character following the first character (character 2)?

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function titleCase(str) {
  return str.toLowerCase().replace(/(^|\s)\S/g, (w) => w.toUpperCase());

titleCase("I'm a little tea pot");

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The part in parentheses is a choice between beginning of line OR a space character. The next part means followed by a non space character. So you are essentially matching the first char of a sentence or of a word

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I think this just made sense, just to clarify, the beginning of the line ^ means before any character on the line but the empty space before a character, correct?

It actually just signifies the beginning of the line so it doesn’t match any character not even spaces

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Thanks for the help!

You are welcome :blush: