Title Case a Sentence and Future Challenges

So I was working on the Basic Algorithm Scripting challenges when I got to the “Title Case a Sentence” challenge.
After few minutes of trying, I looked at the hints and found that the basic solution was to use “charAt()”.
The problem is, I don’t remember using that at all previously on FreeCodeCamp’s map and it also wasn’t on the “Here are some useful links” section (only saw String.prototype.split().

I know there are other ways to go about solving the challenges, but how was I suppose to know to use “chatAt()” when they’ve never shown it before and it’s not provided in the useful links section?

Just genuinely curious and feel like I’ll be lost in the future challenges.
Thank you!

charAt() is one of many ways to solve this problem. You do not need to know about it to succeed.

That said, FCC is not intended to be an all-inclusive education platform and does not include an exhaustive list of potential solution components. I would argue that one of the most important skills a developer needs is how to search for and learn about tools and resources. You will need to use resources outside of FCC more and more as you continue on. That’s part of your education.

Why did you only try for a couple of minutes before looking at the hints and reading the basic solution? Also, what did you try before looking at the hints? Did you write out an algorithm in plain language with the steps needed to solve the challenge before trying to code?

First off, thanks for your replies!

I realized that there are many ways to solve the problem, but I think I just felt overwhelmed when I saw that that was a possibility without knowing that it had existed. I did search but my search may not have been clear enough to find the answer. You’re right that it’s not intended to be an all inclusive education platform. I may have been a bit lost and I was just worried about being this overwhelmed and lost in the future challenges. Thanks!

I’ve been trying for 45 minutes which may have been a few minutes, but I tried using the notes I took from previous lessons but it wouldn’t work. The hints that I saw were basically what I had already figured out. I’m just worried I may be overwhelmed and lost like I was with this in the future, but that’s normal and I guess it just settled in that I just need to plow through it.

As you progress you will probably find challenges that take hours or even days to solve.