Title Case a Sentence nothion is defined

no my code isn’t working still

Myarr is not defined

ok reset code and try again tomorrow

@Steffan153 The code last posted by @royalgreen50 was not the solution.

Also, please avoid posting full solutions in the topic. Just give hints and point out problems.

Thank you.

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why? we can go to get a hint and copy and paste then post and past anyway.

Yes, you can do that, but we still prefer not to have the solutions in the threads, so other campers finding your thread who do not want a hint (and definitely not a solution) are not surprised. Also, as we have learned from the past, once a couple of solutions get posted to a thread, everybody thinks their solutions is best and starts posting solutions left and right. The thread diverges from the original discussion of helping a user figure out a path to a solution and just turns into a thread of solutions (which we do not want).

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It works fine for me once you move the return statement to the end of the function. Inside the for loop, you’re not done but it returns the string when it’s still not done.