Title Case a Sentence Returning Correct String but not passing challenge

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When I run console.log(titleCase("hello WORld"));, it logs out Hello World, but I’m not passing any of the four tests except for the first one. Is it because I’m returning newStr instead of str?

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function titleCase(str) {
  // Make an array of subarrays containing the characters of each word of str
  let strArr = str.split(' ').map(v => v.split(''));
  // Initialize a new string to output
  let newStr = "";
// Make the first letter of every subarray capital and the rest lowercase
  strArr = strArr.map(v => v.map((v, i) => i === 0 ? v.toUpperCase() : v.toLowerCase()));
// Push the letters of each subarray to the console followed by a space
  strArr.forEach(v => {
    v.forEach(v => {
      newStr += v;
    newStr += " " ;
  // Return the new string
  return newStr;
console.log(titleCase("hello WORld"));

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Hey @fifn2,
This is what your function returns:

"Hello World "

This is what it should return:

"Hello World"

Can you spot the difference?
And then try solving.
Hope this helps.

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Oh my gosh thank you! I never would’ve caught that.

if (i < strArr.length - 1) {
      newStr += " ";

Just for the purpose of debugging, I know that when I debugged and used console.log(titleCase("hello world") === "Hello World") and it returned false that something was up. Is there a function that can output the difference between two strings that would catch that I had a space on the end?
console.log(differenceBetween(titleCase("hello world"), "Hello World"))
If something like that existed I would’ve caught it immediately.

You can use

console.log("->" + string + "<-")

Or whatever you like, but in this way you can see the beginning and end of a string