Title id does not work

Hello again,

I have to write a Title with the id=“title” and it should be in h1.

The Code i used in CodePen for the Survey Project does not work. But it works in Visual Studio…

My question is why it works in Visual Studio, but not in CodePen, I need it to finish the Test.

your link is not opening …

We’d need to see your pen but I’m thinking you misread/misinterpreted the user story.
title is a reserved word used in the head element. FCC wouldn’t ask you to “write a Title with the id=“title” and it should be in h1” because that’s not valid syntax.

It will also help to tell us what project you’re working on.

User Story #1: I can see a title with id="title" in H1 sized text.

I hope the images work now:
CodePen: https://imgur.com/Xg50KMT

Visual Studio: https://imgur.com/Ib2MXV1

I am working on : " Responsive Web Design Projects - Build a Survey Form"

This CodePen: https://imgur.com/Xg50KMT is not a codepen acc’t.
Your codepen account will have your codepen username, not “imgur.com”. The link will be something like;

From what I can make out in the blurry imgur image you have;
<h1><title id="title">ihwidho</title></h1>

That is not valid HTML. As mentioned previously, title is a reserved keyword and it only goes in the head element. You even have it in your head element.
What you need to do is give the h1 the id attribute.

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