Tittle Case Sentence

function titleCase(str) {var complete ="";
  var str2=  str.toLowerCase().split(" ");
                         var str3 = str2;
  for (var i =0;i<str3.length;i++){ complete +=str2[i].charAt(0).toUpperCase()+str2[i].substr(1)+" ";}
return complete ;



Why it is not working ?

Because you are adding a space on the end.

You are returning

'Here Is My Handle Here Is My Spout '

instead of

'Here Is My Handle Here Is My Spout'

Just return complete.slice(0,complete.length-1).

Also, you do not need str3. Get rid of the var str3=str2 and the for statement would look like:

for (var i =0;i<str3.length;i++){ complete +=str2[i].charAt(0).toUpperCase()+str2[i].substr(1)+" ";}

Actually, if you are going to use the split function as you have, you can simply use the following and get rid of the complete variable and do something like below:

function titleCase(str) {
  var str2= str.toLowerCase().split(" ");
  for (var i =0;i<str2.length;i++){ str2[i] = str2[i][0].toUpperCase()+str2[i].slice(1);}
  return str2.join(" ");

I cleaned up your code.
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Sorry I shouldn’t have uploaded the code.but thnx all of u to help me out I was really stucked mo