Tkinter Stopwatch help

This is my code. I was wondering if there was a way to save the stopwatch times after they have been “stopped” to some sort of list that would open up when you open the program back up?

import tkinter as tink
count = -1
run = False
def var_name(stopwatch):
def value():
if run:
global count
# Just beore starting
if count == -1:
show = “Starting”
show = str(count)
stopwatch[‘text’] = show
#Increment the count after every 1 second
stopwatch.after(1000, value)
count += 1

While Running

def Start(stopwatch):
global run
run = True
start[‘state’] = ‘disabled’
stop[‘state’] = ‘normal’
reset[‘state’] = ‘normal’

While stopped

def Stop():
global run
start[‘state’] = ‘normal’
stop[‘state’] = ‘disabled’
reset[‘state’] = ‘normal’
run = False

For Reset

def Reset(label):
global count
count = -1
if run == False:
reset[‘state’] = ‘disabled’
stopwatch[‘text’] = ‘Welcome’
stopwatch[‘text’] = ‘Start’

base = tink.Tk()
base.title(“Alyssa’s Stopwatch”)
base.minsize(width=300, height=200,)
stopwatch = tink.Label(base, text=“Let’s begin!”, fg="#ff5ca5", font=“Times 25 bold”,bg=“white”)
start = tink.Button(base, text=‘Start’,fg="#c978ff",width=25, command=lambda: Start(stopwatch))
stop = tink.Button(base, text=‘Stop’, fg="#78b0ff", width=25, state=‘disabled’, command=Stop)
reset = tink.Button(base, text=‘Reset’, fg="#92fcbb",width=25, state=‘disabled’, command=lambda: Reset(stopwatch))

If I understand correctly you want to be able to stop stopwatch, close it, then open it and still have times that were stopped in the previous program run?
Generally that’d require saving stopped (or saved) times somewhere (text file, simple database, etc.) and then loading them when program is launched again.

yes!! I’m not sure how to go about doing that though. Anyway you’d be willing to help me out? I’m brand new to python, so this is a little out of my element. I took two semesters of c++ but never python.

I mean sure. If you’d get stuck somewhere I’d be happy to help (and probably others too) if I’ll know how.