To build a Slack bot should I start with Java Script?

I have no programming experience what so ever! But I am using Slack on a daily bases and thought it might be a fun leisure project to learn how to build a Slack bot that will congratulate my colleagues on their birthdays (I have a list of their birth data). As I do not know how to programme, I asked around a bit and some of my friends told me to first learn how to code in JavaScript and then try to build a Slack bot.

So I have enrolled in freeCodeCamp’s JavaScript course, but suddenly it struck me that there might even be a tutorial on how to learn how to programme by building a Slack bot and learning JavaScript (or Python or any other language you can use to build Slack bots in).

Well, so I thought I’d just check in with you guys and ask what the best path would be for me on my way to building my first Slack bot given that I do not have any prior programming knowledge. As mentioned above, this is just for fun, I am not seeking to be a professional developer.