To Finish or Not to Finish a Project?

Hello there. When do you consider a project “finished?” I am not talking about the FreeCodeCamp Projects, but rather a project one would add to his or her portfolio. Is there a point where you stop tinkering and adding to the project? I sometimes feel confused as to when I should add it to my portfolio and not touch it any further. At the same time, I feel as if a project is never actually finished.

if you add it to your portfolio, doesn’t mean that you will never touch it again, just that it is something that can showcase your abilities

consider this, when a company release a software, an app, do they consider it finished and never to change again, or it is a good product that can be given to the public, and they will keep improving it?

As long as you expect it to be used/viewed, you need to keep working on it. That may just mean maintaining it to keep up with changing technology, security updates, etc.

That’s a good point. Sometimes I feel as if I need to make a checklist to go with the project to tell people, “This is what X project achieves.”

If you stop looking at the code it is easy to abandon, if not, you will never finish.