Today is a good day-update on depression and coding

So I have written a while ago here that I am struggling to battle depression and also learning to code.I just wanted to make an update that today even though it may not seem a big thing I did some challenges in applied visual design and I am very excited with I did,I really like it and I hope I can continue to do this.
Any other resources to learn coding interactive are welcomed as advice!!!


Well done, keep the mind active,always learn new stuff, get exercise"very important to mental health as it rids the body of free radicals that cause mental imbalances "and sleep when your tired.have pleasant day.


Just wanted to pop in and say, congratulations on being able to get on with some of the content today. It must have been tough, but ultimately you’ve done yourself a great justice today and made a huge leap forward to a potentially better future :slight_smile:

Wishing you continued good luck :wink:

Edit - Just wanted to say, the only interactive resource that I have used in the past that is in anyway similar to FreeCodeCamp is Codecademy. Hope that helps.


I agree to keep the mind active in it . Everyday is another step to a more rewarding career anyway . I take it one challenge at a time.