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does anyone have an idea how to make “=now()” or “=today()” constant on excel. To be precise, when i use “now or today” on excel, the date keeps changing to the current time - and i don’t want that - what i want is for it to be constant. if “=now()” gives 2/4/2016 11:33:40 - i don’t want it to change a minute later.


HI @LekanAli

This is very easy. There are more solutions but i tell you one way.

  • Mark the cell with the =today or =now formular
  • press F2
  • press F9
  • press Enter

Now you have a fix value which will never change.

Best regards.

Hi PJ, thanks for the response. It worked.

I need further help;

  1. It doesn’t work the same way on Google Spreadsheet (you have any idea about what i can do about it);
  2. i want to do this for multiple columns and i dont want to have to start typing “F2,F9, and Enter” all the time (Help me out);
  3. Can you share links or explain where i can see other solutions to this apart from the one you mentioned.


you can enter … Ctrl ; … together in excel to give you a constant date also you can right click on a date entered with =now or =today and drag then drop back in cell … window pops up with options …click copy here as values only

Thanks John , appreciate .

The only problem , i’m having now is;

  1. How to use a formula for like 700 cells, so i don’t have to press “Ctrl ;” 700 times. Instead i can have a formula do it. Any idea ?

ok tricky to explain but ill try … i am presuming you require the same date in all 700 cells if so you can do this
step 1 … say you are starting in cell A1 and going down to cell A700 … click on cell A1
step 2 … just above the cell (there will be a box showing the cell your in and it will say A1) click there … this will highlight the A1 in that box … click again and now your cursor is beside the Ai … now enter : a700 now hit enter … this will now select A1 to A700 in your excel sheet
step 3 … now hit f2 you will now have entered cell A1 and all other cells are still selected.
step 4 … now do Ctrl : this adds the date to the first cell (dont hit enter after you do this)
step 5 … Finally press Ctrl and Enter … this will fill all 700 cells with the date
Here is a link to the best online site for Excel … I love excel and learned so much from this site

Thank you for your assistence. I have the same problem with detail explanation in english (as a foreign language)

Sry for the late response but i had/have personal issues but i see you got help in the meanwhile. I hope that will help you.

thanks man. defiantly checking that site out asap

hey thanks. re: the personal issue: be strong , and thanks for the heads-up fistbump