Toggle to swap various info through Nfc, and swap environments in AR/MR

I have something I’m working on. It’s something I have grown to a good progress over the last two years. I have now taken a position. It is the following:

Capture your Inspiration™ with Qoo allows users to toggle what information they want to share, from their diary, dream board, professional profile, pitch, or social links using Nfc. When the person in contact Qoos them they are able to share along with the toggled information, advertising as an ambassador, champion, or advocate of the brands. They earn money that is sent to their phone, without banks. They can use that money in their wallet to pay for things and get coupons anywhere Nfc is accepted.

Intentional Sensual Luxury™ another model with Qoo is with AR/VR/MR experiences and when ‘game state transitions’ are made when the person is walking around in Realityº and wants to change the state of their Intentional Sensual Luxury at the tap of a Nfc device located by GPS when diverting through irl. This model relies on a pay-per-scan payment model where each ‘game state transition’ comes at a cost and the viewer simply taps and pays with their credit to engage the new reality.

Currently I’m working alone, and would like some help to make this happen. If you go to you can see my start.

Any help given greatly appreciated,