Tolkien Tribute Page Feedback 🐉

Here’s my first project, a Tolkien Tribute Page. I’ll appreciate all feedback. Hope you like it! :slight_smile:


Looks really good. Love the rotation effects.

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Looks great :+1:
I really like the rotation and the bold full page title. The subtle shadow of the images is neat too :smiley:

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Very nice.

  1. I think the page deserves a nicer looking font and not just the default system font. Pick a nice web font you like. Maybe even pick a second one that you use very sparingly but that has a lot of “personality” and fit the theme.

  2. The font size is too small I think. Especially the card text gets hard to read on the mobile layout.

Great job, keep it up!

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Very nice. I like the rotation effect. I might have to steal that idea :slight_smile:

The JRR in the title gets cut off on my laptop screen.

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Thanks !!! What’s your laptop resolution ? If you can put a screenshot I’ll appreciate. :grin:

I totally agree. I should have choosen another fonts. And the text is small in the cards, but it passed all ally tests in the browsers. I’ll choose another font and adapt the size to it. Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

My screen resolution is 1366 X 768.

Here’s a screenshot.

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Clean is an understatement I must say. Your site is fabulous, it respects all the fundamental concepts of design. Good work there!

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I just tested the page with your resolution and it seems good. Maybe is a Codepen problem, or you have a bigger default font size selected in your browser and because I use rem instead pixels the tittle get bigger. I’ll look for a workaround. Thanks for the reply!!

Edit: If found a workaround, instead using height: 100vh in header, using min-height: 100vh must show the title, but the header will be slightly bigger than vh. Thanks for the feedback. I hope it works!! :slight_smile:

That works! I just might have bigger font sizes selected on my browser because I always work on the computer without my glasses :slight_smile:

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You did an amazing job.

I can’t believe how funny this is, but I made a Tolkien tribute page too! Mine looks terrible though. You did great.

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Thanks you all for your feedback and support!! :heart: