Tomato Tomato - Pomodoro Clock Feedback

Hello everyone and thanks for reading this post. I just finished the Pomodoro Clock and wanted to ask for some feedback.

The code in the JS script is often repetitive, it can and should be definitely improved, but I wanted to know what you might think of this end result. Any comment on the script or even the design is much appreciated.

Hopefully, there’s something positive to say about it too. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Its working ok only you should think also of a variant for mobile display

Thank you for the suggestion.

I was thinking about a different layout for the panel which allows to change the length of the intervals, especially for smaller screen sizes. Perhaps it would be best to have the controls always displayed instead of being tucked away by default.

Was that the main concern you had? Sorry to follow up, but I thought I asked for clarity, hope you don’t mind. :slightly_smiling_face:

I had no problem in working with panel that allows changing intervals on wider screens but when i tested it on mobile i saw that the panel is over and i could’n see if the changes are working or not

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Gosh, that’s quite a UI issue, thanks for letting me catch up. I will try and find a fix for it :+1:

Included a media query positioning the controls’ panel as a row instead of a column and to the side of the SVG icon. I tested in the developer console with a Pixel and an iPhone and it should work fine.

Thanks again for the feedback. Much obliged.

its working fine now. :+1:

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