Tonight (Tues June 7) - Tech for Social Good

Hey, just noticed we have our own tag on the forum. Cool.

Hello Montrealers! In case you haven’t seen our facebook event, tonight we have a guest speaker (Hannah Cohen, from Osmos Academy), giving a talk about using technology for social good.

Recently, Osmos Academy has done some interesting projects, including creating virtual reality games for kids in hospitals, and right now they are using all sorts of data-related technology to build a tool to help the city plan tree plantings.

Get you free ticket here:

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I’m in Quebec city and there’s nothing I know of going around here :frowning: Would love to see some cofee and code or something similar in my area !

There is no group in Quebec City?

If you wanted to start one, let me know and I can announce it in our Facebook group (there might be some people from Quebec City who signed up for our group because it was the closest).

Just checked, and there isn’t. I’ll try and create one tonight and let you know :slight_smile: thanks !

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What a great initiative! I support the idea that innovations should be accessible to people who need them. Actually, I think that Jasoren might be interested to join your project as they once helped me with my school project. I will contact them and tell about you.